Classic Sunburst Model Horse (C.S.M.H.) Farm

                     Model Hobby Work References & Photos

CM Peter Stone mare (my model) to mule.  Lots of work done on her everywhere Spring 2013
P&P Arabian Mare Ziryab (Traditional) Resin ready for Mo~hair & paint.  Resides finished in Russia :)
CM carved hoofs by myself, along with re-sculpted neck and right side of face Spring 2013
 P&P Breyer Justin Morgan with (to be painted as photo) Face re-done, stallion parts exet.
Will be a Spanish "type" mustang.
 P&P Classic Breyer Drafter (my model) Spring 2013
 Some of Sandra Hottingers P&P Breyer pastics 2011

 Traditional Arabian Mare Resin HA Makeedah by Heike Polster  CM'd to be Mo-haired, fully re-positioned neck, and lots of detail work added, she was a blast to do!

 Reference Photo on right  above to show what she looks like un~changed



 Lauriellen Chisholm's ~ Traditional HA Brandus Friesian resin by Gudrun Schmitt



 Utah's Dixie Downs M.H.S. ~2 more CM P&P Donation Traditional Models

Breyer Silver as a gelding with raised Left front leg, and Right Hind leg with clear Rod raised off the ground...more action in the pose now.

He is being sent to be painted by the talented artist Beatha!


Vintage Breyer Five Gaiter CM'd to a Gelding, now fully Prepped and Primed

Hes being sent to be painted by the talented artist Angeliaca Nelson!


Thanks so much Laidys for your help through your donation for the SHOW!!!


~~Anyxra Arents~~

CM Schleich Thoroughbred Horse Model



~~Kathy Casey~~

Desert Rose Backdrops

Cleveland Bay 

Prepped & Primed with a new CM Mane, final primer coats were added and I forgot to get updated pictures, Kathy has him and likes him.


~~Personal Collection CM (had to do a few for myself too :)  ) (April 09) 3 SM P&P

Utah's Dixie Downs Model Horse Show P&P Model Donations (April 09)

All of these models I have P&P and sent of to Artists who have generously donated a paint job to support this shows 2nd year here in St. George Ut.

And there will be more to come

6 CM Prepped & Primed Breyer Stablemates

CM'd Smarty Jones to a MARE, with correct mare parts, new correct ears, carved hoofs & nostrils

~~Tandy Bradshaw's Pulcky little soft plastic pony Prepped & Primed (April 09)


Marilyn Jensen's Valor Resin: Srtipped & Re-Prepped & Primed (March 09)

 Lucy Stormes Breyer G2 TB CM'd Mule SM: Stripped Re-Prepped, Cm'd & Primmed (March 09)

Kathy Kasey's Breyer TWH Bluegrass Bandit: Prepped & Primed (Jan 09)

And 2007 Breyer Wixom



Tandy Bradshaw's models:

(Some Photo's are MIA?sorry) 2008 Prepped and Primed

Peter Stone Arabian, Breyer Classic Swaps, PAF, Stablemate's G1 Silky Sullivan & G1 Citation

Sandra Hottinger's Breyer Cow & Calf and Traditional Nokota    

commission me:).commission me:)

CM Stablemate Lot of 5 for Trade with Amy ?  July 2008 (Records are in storage :(  )

G1 Arabain Stallion, G3 Friesain, CM'd to Draft Foal G2 Scratching Foal, G3 Cm'd mane and tail Belgian Mare, G1 Cm'd TB Mare to Mustang, mane, tail, leg hair.



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