Classic Sunburst Model Horse (C.S.M.H.) Farm

                               Prepping and Priming Fee's


Models Owner is responsible for all Shipping Fees including DC on all transactions so we both know where the box is!

~Please note: I will not be held responsible for missing packages, DC is not flawless sadly :(

~All Model Prepping includes: carved ears, frogs, nostrils, raised hooves carved, a new hidden air hole (not on the face), logo and seam removal, & split seam filling as needed.

Any other modifications to be discussed, and new prices agreed on.

 ~Gender additions/modification are available talk to me about your request


The process:


I use white Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Primer (many, many thin layers)

Carbide Scrapers

A Dremel and 4 different Dremel Tools bits for carving

Exacto Blade Knifes

& 5-7 Different Sandpaper Grits some with water for smoothness

***And a lot of time & "go overs"***


P&P on average is over 8 hours a model, my average is 12 per model, its a very timely process when done right, and takes a LOT of detail work!


*So technically my prices are very reasonable for the time I spend on the work I do.*




Expect 2 weeks average often longer (but not over a month), please don't forget, I'm a mom of 3, soon to be 4, and that's a lot of time restrictions!!!!  I do the models at night as a wined down time usually, 20-30 at a time max.


 *Standard Traditional Scale Models*


 ~Models with extravagant Manes and Tails ~

(And Traditional Resins)

take much longer and are more difficult  to do

please add +$5.00 to the total cost ($62.00)

 ~Oversized Resins $65.00  flat fee

*Classic Scale & Traditional Foals*

 ~Plastic and Resins~


On this resin size, if there is extreme pin holing, please add $5.00, to total cost, these take forever to get cleaned up one at a time!  I can help you determine if your model is in this cadigory.

 *Classic Scale Foals, Pebbles & Paddock Pals

(Resins and Plastics)    $25.00flat

~Again if extreme pin holing, please talk to me about it first, and well go from there..I might have to do the $5.00 extra charge for the extra work.

SM's, Chips, & Micro Minis

Plastics ~$22.00flat rate

Resins start at $22.00

If its a clean cast, minor pin holes and cleaning $22.00, price goes up if its a rough cast, please add $5.00 to start with, and we will discuss if there are other charges needing to be added many resin artists are selling them rough cast now (extreme pin holes are a pain on this size)...Some casts this size get very complicated to prep. 

Everything will be talked about and agreed on before total cost is quoted, and work is started so there are NO surprises, I hate confusions and surprises, just like you!

I'm 100% about full communication!!!

 E-mail up-dates will be sent regularly as I work on your model.

Photos (all angles) will be sent to you for final visual review.


All work will be approved by you before being sent home.


If your not happy, I'm not happy, I want you to have that perfect ready to go piece for CM'ing :)


Alison Ural-Cawley