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Hobby Prepping, Priming, & Restoration


 P&P Traditional Commission Ziryab~ Progo Arabian Mare by Stacey Tumlinson, completed to be mo haired. Shes finished & resides with owner in Russia :) Spring 2013



 Me and my kids, Aug 2010, swimming in a salt water pool in Colorado Springs, CO

Jasmine, Malachi, me & Elorah




Getting the Bottom Line Done Right The First Time!


As a model horse Competitor, Collector, Judge, & Show Host, I have seen one thing that drives me nutty! Fantastic, Amazingly Detailed NAN quality work on models that have HORRIBLE Prepping & Priming Jobs done with seams, logos, finger prints, hair and dust chunky things all under the coat color!  It's heart breaking to see the time, money, and energy put into the hobby on a model that just doesn’t stand a chance!


Here is a little info on me:

I was born July 1981

Grew up in Park City Utah, and currently live in a growing city outside of Zions National Park called

La Verkin Utah

Ive been collecting models for over 25 years, & have over 400+ models currently (need to thin the hears lol)

Prepping and Priming models is fun for me, a dang good stress release with awesome outcome!

My Family:

Jasmine, Malachi, & Elorah April 2013 They are growing up so fast! Currently expecting # 4 in Nov 2013

   I've gotten married to a wonderful man, Paul Oct 11th 2012, and life has been much better


Me & My kids spring 2009 Jasmine, Malachi, & Baby Elorah as single mom

May My Be~loved MONTANA R.I.P, I still cant believe you are no longer with us, thank you for ALL the joy you brought me and my family for 10 years, and for trusting me....I'll miss you so much more than you'll ever know!!!

4/13/01 ~ 9/19/12

And thank you for fighting with us to try to save you, you were so brave!!!!

My Real Equine Love Montana July 2009, playing in the paddock :)



 Jasmine 4, Malachi 2, & Baby Elorah 10 m. Feb 2009 


Below Photos are Las Vegas Live 2009  

Unrealistic collectability class!!!  Look at those beauties!!

 Alison Ural-Cawley